Tim Guider Artist

Professor Gregorio Luke
Professor Gregorio Luke Former director of the Museum of Latin American Art. International art critic USA.
Professor Maty Roca
Professor Maty Roca Art historian, critic, curator and member of International Association of Art Critics.
Dr. Francesco Buranelli
Dr. Francesco Buranelli Former director of the Vatican Museums. Rome, Italy.
Professor Naoki Dan
Professor Naoki Dan Professor Emeritus of History of Medieval Art at the University of Gunma, Japan.
Professor Karen Lang
Professor Karen Lang Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. Former editor-in-chief of “The Art Bulletin”, UK
R. B. Bhaskaran
R. B. Bhaskaran Director of the College of Arts, Chennai, India.
Professor Dominique E.Baechler
Professor Dominique E.Baechler Professor of Aesthetics and Art History and Art Critic – Paris & São Paulo, Brazil.
Pasquale Celona -  artist Italy.
Pasquale Celona - artist Italy. Founder of the Florence Biennale.
Professor Enrico Vergnano
Professor Enrico Vergnano Professor at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Turin, Italy.
María Teresa Constantin
María Teresa Constantin Art historian, curator and art critic. National Art Coordinator for the OSDE Foundation – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Huang Du
Huang Du Independent curator and art critic, Beijin, China.
Elza Ajzenberg
Elza Ajzenberg Former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in São Paulo, Brazil.

Meet the twelve International art experts who awarded the First Prize Gold Medal to the Enlightenment sculptures at the XI Florence Biennale, Italy, in October 2017.

Curatorial validation doesn't get any better than this!

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